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At KONZE, we believe in crafting skills and developing careers of our people. We offer amazing perks and conducive work environment that will make an employee’s life easier and more enjoyable in every way possible. We encourage strong camaraderie amongst team members to provide favourable environment and hence ensuring optimum productivity.

You’ll have access to latest technology to excel while still having time for friends & family – thanks to our awesome work-life balance policy.

Perks of Joining Us

Work Environment

A strongly knit culture that focuses on high-quality work while grabbing every opportunity to excel and enjoy.

We encourage diversity to understand & consider the unique perspective of each member. More so, it allows us to enjoy various cuisines at the lunch table.

Performance Appreciation

We believe in rating fair and square. We do this through exciting exercises like contests, competitions, employee-centric activities and engagement programs.

5 Days a Week

We believe that the weekend off promotes a healthy & balanced lifestyle.

Leadership & Development

A structured program for everyone to be the next ‘KONZE Leader’ and to learn the most important lesson – ‘Be Your Own Boss’.

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