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Client 360

Client 360°

Clients are central to any business, and with our 360° customer view CRM, you get to experience a more organized way of working, minimizing the chances of lead-related data getting lost through the gaps. You get an all-in-one platform to manage your client details and related data. Now, receive and nurture the Leads on obtaining, streamline the processes for the Lead, and Manage the data securely.
The additional features in place make your Lead's journey smoother and provide a comprehensive solution to eliminate any hassle throughout the multiple levels of processes.

Lead Management

Save and manage your Time with KONDESK’s Lead Management Feature. You can receive, assign and manage Lead information securely, Create and track follow-up to update the process timely.
Analyze the multiple stages of the Lead Journey from one single place, helping your business to get an edge over your competitors.
Lead Management
Appointment Flexibility

Appointment Flexibility

Communication is what builds a trusted relationship. You can now better plan your communications with your clients or prospects through KONDESK’s appointment calendar and understand different requirements.
The multiple Communication channel integrations are in place to invigorate how you connect with your clients or prospects.

Client Account & Invoice Management

Systematize the dealing with payment and funds with KONDESK’s Invoice and Client Management. Without complicated steps, generate invoices and without adapting conventional ways, get your invoices ready to be shared with your clients.
Use this new way of generating Invoices related to refunds, disbursements and so much more.
Client Account Invoice Management
One Platform. Multiple Functions. Ease of Working Choose KONDESK for your Business Today!
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