Lead Management

Lead Management

Lead 360° view exhibits detailed insights of the profile, be it Personal details, Documents, Payment history, File notes, or Status history and many more. Businesses can now have streamlined management of the obtained leads avoiding hassle in the lead handling or improper data management.

The comprehensive lead summary has proven to be a time saver and problem solver for reps. It is an exclusive solution to surmount the complexities occurring at multiple levels throughout the process.

  • Capture details of your prospect or prospects turned customer. Having the information in place make it easy to interact along the line.
  • Categorise leads according to opted service. Choose suitable service among the defined list of services to avoid mix-ups and ensure effective operation.
  • Allot lead to a team member or members if it requires an extra or different hand-on for finer task completion.

Add and manage follow-ups to keep record of every interaction. Do not miss on meaningful aspects or comments that would have made it convenient.

Rate leads to represent the conversion possibility. More the rating, Faster the conversion. Know the potential of particular lead and take befitting action.

Apply lead filters by type of lead, lead status, Source, quality, Agent name, service type etc., to have minimized view or view specific lead/s from plenty of data.

  • Inbuilt Referee Management function to record referee contact details, commission amount/percentage, status, and oversee integrated application progress.
  • Caters online lead management to capture all online leads and inquiries. With impeccable Integration, manage leads routed via multiple channels such as web, social media, forms etc. in the same system.
  • View and Share compliance documents in reference to a particular lead such as 956, Client agreement through KONDESK Itself. Bring inquiry capture to compliance document function altogether to avoid scattered information management.

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