Lead Management

Lead Management

Lead Management

When it comes to the Edu-immigration business lead management plays a major role as it is from where the business is initiated. Knowing about a client, his requirements, and current status needs to be taken care of, which is generally managed vis spreadsheets in the conventional methods of doing the business.

But, not anymore. The KONDESK CRM integration makes the job easy for you.

Things you have been doing wrong with managing the leads!

  • You have been managing the lead list and the lead services and other details at separate places and have been missing out on the important aspects.
  • You are unable to judge the quality of the lead.
  • It’s difficult to keep a track into the lead activities.
  • You must be struggling to provide timely response and services due to unorganised method of working.
  • With manual methods, it becomes difficult to keep taking the timely follow ups as you fail to manage your time efficiently.

You need a CRM for these 5 big reasons:

  • You can manage all the leads at one place.
  • It helps you keep the essentials handy (client details and services required).
  • You can keep a track of the current status and act accordingly.
  • You can assign the lead to the sales people in clicks.
  • You have your last discussion handy under the follow up sections.

Let’s understand the unrivalled CRM
Especially designed for you

If you have been struggling to capture all the leads at one source and divide them amongst your salesperson; you must definitely opt for this CRM.

And not only that, if your team is struggling to keep a track of the services that are requested by your clients or the team misses out on the follow up of the clients due to unorganized work; it’s a high time you switch now.

Let’s begin with understanding how you can capture the lead with Kondesk:

  • Form: You can fill in the details of the clients in the form to capture the lead
  • Add lead: You can click on the + sign to add a new lead.
  • Quick Add: With the + sign given on the top right of the dashboard; you can add the lead quickly.
  • Manual Upload: You can upload an excel file to upload the leads that you are currently working on.

Lead Qualification and Lead scoring

You can check the quality of the lead with the details and mark your priorities so as to provide timely services to your clients. With the follow up section given on the dashboard you can mark the current status of a lead.

Lead Distribution

With the lead distribution feature, you can assign the lead to the salesperson (users) as per your business requirements and strategies.

Follow up and Lead enrichment

Managing follow-ups and nourishing the lead has always been a difficult job when you are working on multiple leads; with Kondesk you can track the follow up and bifurcate the leads based on the lead.

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