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Reports & Analytics

Analyze the data through Reporting

Get your data simplified and clear through Reports.

Understanding Reports and Analysis

Data related to your business takes up an important part of every industry, as it can be transformed into information that can contribute to being a game changer for the business. However, the challenge most businesses encounter is to break the complex data into easily digestible information for the stakeholders. This is where BI Reporting comes in to guide the way.
With BI reporting in the Immigration Industry, your business data will be collated into different reports for the multiple processes and varied stages throughout the client's journey. The reports are the gathered data turned into comprehensible and detailed information for the businesses to strategize and act on.
The BI reporting in KONDESK is an answer to all your immigration-related analytics and reports to bring together all the complex data for you to get a better and clearer impression of the changes from the past as well as the present. The BI reporting in KONDESK is an answer to all your immigration-related analytics and reports to bring together all the complex data for you to get a better and clearer impression of the changes from the past as well as the present.
With us, manage multiple functional areas of your business through the availability of a rich collection of Reports to help you provide in-depth analysis without compromising on precision.
Let’s understand the categories of Reports that we have to offer:
Admission Report
Get a clear comprehension of all the admission-related data such as Student admissions, offers, COE, VOE, etc, and admission charts to make monthly and yearly data available for understanding.
Finance Report
With the different Finance reports, stay informed of multiple finance activities through the individual reports on Invoices, Payment summaries, credit notes, refunds, and so much more to never miss out on a single detail of something as important as Finance.
General Report
Fetch all the details through the General report for Lead activities, different enquiries, counsellor changes, appointments, and more to be versed with Lead related information for your business.
Payroll Report
The Payroll report eliminates the need for an external employee attendance tracking tool and tracks the employee data of your employees for your payroll cycle.
Integration Log
The report will provide a summary of details related to the integrations with KONDESK, to analyze data fetched through integrations and use those to enhance the
Referee Report
With the Referee report, keep track of the referees, their payout information, and their status. To further simplify and make it accessible, the details can be downloaded in the Excel sheet.
Audit Report
The Audit Report keeps track of leads and will reflect information like Incentive status, COE/VOE details, course information, referee status, and more.
Task Report
The Task Report is a compilation of all the data related to the tasks, that is, the subject, status, monitor, date of creation, and many more. The report is a complete understanding of all the tasks created in the CRM.
Commission Report
It is subdivided into two reports, The Claim Summary Report gives a detailed report on the commission claimed branch-wise with Institute count, Student Count, and more. The Commission Invoice Report is an overview of the Invoice amount, Total paid, and so on. These reports together can make the business grow smoothly.


Unleash the multi-fold benefits with the KONDESK Reporting System
Enhanced Data Quality
Get top-notch accuracy, free from discrepancies and errors with BI reports to boost the reliability of data.
Informed Decision-Making
With access to the past and real-time data, get acquainted with the details in the most transparent way and plan your next steps with the available information.
Improved Client Satisfaction
The insights through the reports and analytics can help you serve your clients with clarity and better communication that can escalate the number of referrals and client retention.
Productive Strategic Planning
Have meticulous inputs related to your business’s strengths, weaknesses, and performances to chart out strategies to align with your goals in the long run.
Optimized Costing
The availability of a wide variety of Finance-related reports measures every factor impacting the cost and identifies the cost-saving opportunity by analyzing these reports.
Prompt Access to Reports
Get a quick hold of a report without any delay, in just a few clicks, without putting in long hours of work and manpower.
Centralized Access to Data
Even with different departments, and multiple reports, get all of them sorted in one place without having to juggle to maintain reports at different places.
Employee Task Management
Get reports for the tasks allotted to your Employees to make sure the workload is equally distributed and the quality of tasks matches the expectations.
Drive your business decisions with simplified Analysis and Reporting
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