Reports & Analytics

Reports Analytics

Reports & Analytics

Reports give you analysis. Analyzing helps you grow – Make this Process faster with us. 

For managing a business, and that too a business like Edu-Immigration where you have multiple processes and different stages of business functions you definitely need clear and detailed reporting.

Just Imagine having reports related to admission, finance, payroll, leads, sales report, payment summary reports, marketing reports, and many more in your reach. Seems impossible?

Why is it difficult for you to have clear and detailed reports?
How is it affecting your business?

  • Depending on the different departments for different reports consumes your time.
  • You need more manpower and business hours to check all the reports.
  • Delays in reports can lead to business ineffectiveness.
  • It becomes difficult to analyse and stop a situation from getting worse.
  • Maintaining different reports at different places diverts you from your business goals.

What is that KONDESK can do for you?

KONDESK can help you manage multiple functional areas of your business with detailed and clear reports.

Admission Icon

Admission report

With this report feature, you can have sight of all admission, Letters of Offer, COE details, and related documents. Admission chart to have visual information representing monthly-yearly data of admission, offer, VOE, COE count, etc.

Finance Icon

Finance report

With this feature, go over all finance activities from these reports. Separately view Invoices, Agent summaries, Refund reconciliation, agent commission, incentive reports, and many more.

General Icon

General report

Fetch reports for every lead activity, its follow-up, quick and online enquiries, counsellor change reports, lead charts, appointment charts, and more. 

Payroll Icon

Payroll report

This feature helps you measure the attendance of each employee for payroll purposes. No need to have a separate attendance-capturing tool.

Marketing Icon

Marketing report

A marketing report helps you maintain data of online inquiry traffic and particular branch in a highly structured format with the bifurcation along a certain time and the service requested.  

Referee Icon

Referee report

The referee reports give you the contact information of referees, and you may track each Referee for payout information and status. You can also export this report to an excel. 

Audit Icon

Audit Report

The audit report helps you track down every piece of information about a lead including their COE/VOE details, the referee, incentive status, scholarship details and more.

Task Icon

Task Report

With the task report feature, you can get all the details related to a lead, its creation details, to whom it is assigned, the assignee, subject and other related details needed to manage the leads efficiently and develop a process. 

Commission Icon

Commission Report

It allows you to track the commission claim status, its count and amount as per the branch, whereas the commission invoice report gives you the general commission distribution report.  All of these reports make the business function smoothly and grows it.

Manage every bit of your business with our reports. 

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