Reports & Analytics

Reports & Analytics

Demonstrate company’s performance through captured data by smart analytics technique that processes each task performed in the CRM and generates separate reports. It does entertain combined reports to increase complexity. Uncover helpful insights that could influence you to build a comprehensive business approach achieving maximum business performance.

  • Ensuring high accuracy, systematically organize the data, and extract information in the form of reports.
  • Receive in-depth detail from all types of reports

  • Admission report:

    Have sight of all admission, Letter of Offer, COE details, and related documents. Admission chart to have visual information representing monthly-yearly data of admission, offer, VOE, COE count, etc.

  • Finance report:

    Go over all finance activities from these reports. Separately view Invoice, Agent summary, Refund reconciliation, agent commission, incentive reports, and many more.

  • General report:

    Fetch reports for every lead activity to crucially analyze overall leave balance, lead transfer, appointment, follow-ups, register lead, inquiry, insurance performance, etc.

Payroll report

Measure the attendance of each employee for payroll purposes. No need to have a separate attendance capturing tool.

Marketing report

Maintain data of online inquiry traffic and particular branch in a highly structured format.

Referee report

View audit report to check all admission audit status. Recommended referee reports give the contact information of referees, and you may track each Referee payout information and status.

  • Scholarship report
    The scholarship cashback report gets you all data of scholarship cashback eligibility and payment actions. You can also make payment drafts and manage them.
  • Task report

    View all task details such as subject, assignee/ assignor detail, task status to know the lag in service quality and pending work.

    • Store vital client information in leads along with documents for knowledge management. Access the knowledge upon requirement
    • To perform further analysis, download the system reports in Excel format. Alternatively, you may use the custom filters equipped in the system to get precise data.

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