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Time is the Biggest Investment For your Business

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For the Edu-immigration and other related industries addressing the issues promptly is the need of time. Solving them with our IT Solutions is quick and convenient for the business owners.
Read out how we help the following industries to resolve their problems.

International  Education

The International Education Industry that serves the students with their International Education needs comprises the challenges that needed to be addressed. One of which was to help the students find the right overseas health insurance.
Finding the right Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) for the students consumed a lot of time for the business owners. Most of them stopped assisting the students in this segment and this did not go unnoticed by us.
As our expertise lies in developing the products that serve the international Edu-immigration industry; thus we came up with a solution- KONPARE: An Overseas Health comparison portal.
KONPARE helps business owners to compare and suggest the best suitable OSHC for an International Student.
International Education
Immigration Industry

Immigration   Industry

Immigration Industry helps lakhs of aspirants fulfil their dreams of moving abroad to live a life they have always dreamt of. A business owner in the Immigration Industry has to run in every direction keeping timely track of the status, make long lists of the document required and their submissions, set reminders and follow-ups on various processes.
It affected their business both in terms of serving their customers and further growth of their businesses. In order to address these obstacles, we developed KONDESK that did the job for the Immigration business owners.
The KONDESK CRM system performs various functions from managing leads, documents, appointments, status tracking, handling refund processes & updates, and much more.
SearchMyANZSCO is another such product that helps aspirants as well as immigration business owners to find the best suitable occupations for an individual looking to work in Australia and New Zealand.

Other Industries

Additionally, we have also developed products that support other industries such as Transport & Logistics, Real Estate, Finance, Health through KONSIGN.
KONSIGN helps companies to upload documents, put e-signatures, add multiple signers, and share them with just a click. While at the same time, bringing in organizational efficiency by removing your manual work.
Other Industries

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